Projects we support

The Rocky Bay Foundation provides funds toward projects including infrastructure, client comfort, safety, security and technology developments.

Over the past few years, projects have included:

Annual scholarships

The Rocky Bay Foundation support three scholarships per year for Rocky Bay employees. The scholarships will be selected that encourage shared learning and the development of global best practice in disability service provision.

2017 scholarship recipients include:

Nicky Ryan
Occupational Therapist

Scholarship Objectives

  • To connect with people working specifically in upper limb rehabilitation and cerebral palsy services, and more broadly in children’s therapy services (school age and early childhood intervention) and children’s rehabilitation services
  • Observe both clinical and community administration of therapy services to bring back key learnings from both models of support.
  • Observe parent coaching and education being provided to families
  • Gain exposure to different funding models and service frameworks across different settings, to assist with developing the portfolio for upper limb and children’s rehabilitation services

Bethany Cunningham
Project Coordinator, Finding Different Ways

Scholarship Objectives

  • Develop networks with other organisations for future collaboration in supporting people from CaLD backgrounds
  • Identify key, practical strategies and changes that Rocky Bay could make in regards to providing services to CaLD clients
  • Explore both theoretical and practical ways in which other organisations provide competent and appropriate services to people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds

Sarah Chudy
Senior Physiotherapist

Scholarship Objectives

  • To observe, learn and bring back knowledge around emerging areas of intervention (and the evidence base behind these) in disability services
  • To gain knowledge and experience in provision of Early Intervention services at another disability service provider, while observing similarities/differences and identifying possible improvements
    for organisations in WA
  • Investigate and reflect on how other disability service organisations have shaped their service provision to ensure sustainability in an individualised funding or insurance model and potential application for the WA disability sector (in light of the imminent NDIS/WANDIS changes)

Security system, backup generator and window replacements

The Lucy Creeth Residence

The Lucy Creeth Residence is a long term accommodation for people with compromised health or high needs. They provide 24 hour support and nursing staff in refurbished buildings.

The Foundation provided funding for:

  • 24 hour restricted access, programmable door control system and monitored security system for emergency exits
  • Generators for vital power in the event of local power failures
  • Sliding door replacements with windows for enhanced security. The premises security was being compromised with faulty doors and locks
before and after

Doors to windows – before and after

Upgrade of security infrastructure at Rocky Bay

Rocky Bay’s 60 McCabe Street Mosman Park premise has had a full security upgrade. Previously, all doors were opened manually, now security cards and timers are used to manage all entry/exit points

Rocky Bay’s McCabe Street Mosman Park carpark extension


Regular funding for Western Electric Sporting Association (WESA) members to attend national sporting events

WESA Wasps

Renovations to The WASPs Nest – club room of the Western Electric Sporting Association (WESA)

Located in the Rocky Bay Gymnasium, the clubroom provides a hub for the teams on their regular Wednesday training days and Saturday competition days

wasp nest cropped

New clubroom in the media

wasp clubroom

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